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NAD to Time Warner Cable and Cox: stop lying about your so-called 'fiber' networks

Darren Murph

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Ouch. For the past few months, both Time Warner Cable and Cox had been airing advertisements that slipped the word "fiber" in there in some form or fashion, and while that's partially true, it's completely bogus according to the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. The watchdog group is now asking both of these cable carriers to drop claims that they each run fiber-optic networks, noting that the accusations could indeed fool consumers into believing that hybrid-fiber networks are the same as a full-fiber one, like -- you know -- Verizon's FiOS footprint. Among the claims being disputed is this gem from TWC -- "Road Runner Turbo is zooming across the advanced fiber network." -- and Cox calling its service the "New Face of Fiber." Needless to say, both TWC and Cox were peeved, and while the former is exercising its right to appeal, Cox is cowering and taking the advice to heart. As you'd expect, Verizon was utterly elated to hear the news, with spokesman Jim Smith stating that the ruling is "great news for consumers, who've been misled for too long by Cox and Time Warner [Cable]'s false and deliberately misleading ads." Ah, nothing like a little drama between a trifecta of carriers who should probably focus their attention on things like Hulu, market slippage and creeping irrelevance.

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