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Sony rumored to be announcing premium PSN service at E3


We've been hearing about a premium PlayStation Network service for some time now -- even from Sony's Kaz Hirai himself -- and if a report from VG247 is to be believed, it looks like it could finally become a reality at E3 next month. According to the site, a "highly-placed source" says that Sony will be announcing the service and a slew of new premium PSN features during its June 15th keynote at the show, and that it will cost less than £50 (or $70) per year. As we'd heard previously, the current PSN service would apparently remain as-is for anyone that doesn't wish to upgrade, but it seems that Sony will be throwing in some pretty big incentives to get folks to pay up -- you'll supposedly get a free PSN game from a choice of "two to four" each month with your subscription. Details on the premium service are otherwise still pretty light, but VG247 says it will include a music streaming service similar to Spotify.

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