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Apple to trademark distinctive retail store layout


Patently Apple points out another Apple filing today, this time in reference to the retail stores. Specifically, Apple is looking to trademark the "distinctive design and layout" that they've cultivated since opening their first retail location in 2001. The filing provides two sketches -- one in full color and the other in black-and-white -- and a photo depicting the typical exterior and interior of Apple Stores.

On one hand, you've got to wonder exactly how "distinctive" a retail store's interior can be. You've got counters, products, stools and a checkout/desk area. On the other hand, consider the fervor that accompanied the opening of the first Microsoft stores, which bear a striking resemblance to Apple's outlets. Not that they're targeting Microsoft specifically, but any company that would blatantly mimic their successful model.

I wonder if the trademark addresses the dancing.

[Via MacDailyNews]

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