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Battle of the Immortals adds fourth server

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Battle of the Immortals, the newest free-to-play from Perfect World Entertainment, has seen great success in the two weeks since launch. The team at PWE received mixed reviews from the open beta, but gained quite a bit of player appreciation by listening to that feedback and making quick changes, a move that helped them retain a fair amount of players and gain many new ones.

That willingness to work with their fans combined with a game with improving reviews has earned a larger player base than the Battle of the Immortals team counted on, and they're moving to accommodate those players by launching yet another server. Jonathan Belliss, PWE's product manager, announced the Poseidon server yesterday: "Player response has been tremendous and within two weeks since open beta started, we are already launching our fourth server, Poseidon. Aptly named after the Greek god of the sea, the Poseidon server will help meet the flood of players."

The Poseidon server is located in the US East Coast -- set to GMT -4 -- and comes complete with a few handy bug fixes, so be sure to check them out.

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