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European PlayStation Home gets Star Wars, Indiana Jones outfits


More LucasArts outfits will hang shortly on the European PlayStation store's virtual racks for those who are spending hundreds of hours in Home. Many of these items are already available in the States or will be with the update on Thursday. Star Wars items include an Obi-Wan costume (with beard), along with Rex, Anakin and Yoda posters. There's also a clone helmet display, homing spider droid prop and AT-ST statue.

For archaeologist adventurers, Indiana Jones' costume with fedora will likely be a must -- oh yeah, along with framed whip for the wall. There are also Mutt Williams, Dovchenko, Mola Ram ("COVER YOUR HEART!") and Henry Jones Sr. costumes. Props include the Staff of Rah, Ark of the Covenant, fertility idol and, ugh ... the crystal skull. And here we'd just about forgotten that movie existed.

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