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Green Samba promises to make electric personal watercraft 'viable'


It's not the first to try its hand at an all-electric personal watercraft, but the Ohio-based Silveira Group is claiming that its new so-called Green Samba will be the first "viable" vehicle of its kind. To that end, the company says that the Green Samba will deliver the same 65 mph performance of the fastest 260 bhp sit-down PWCs, and do so while remaining completely silent thanks to a pair of twin direct drive electric propulsion pods. As the company is quick to point out, that also has the added benefit of eliminating one of the biggest complaints about PWCs from the public: their noise. Of course, the other key to viability is the price, and Silveira is unfortunately doing decidedly less talking about that right now, saying only that it will be able to "ballpark a retail price" when it finishes work on the latest prototype in August.

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