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Runes of Magic Chapter III expansion now live

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Yesterday brought a welcome addition to Runes of Magic for fans of the game: Chapter III is live. The Elder Kingdoms launched after some server downtime, bringing Runes of Magic fans hurrying to log and and get a look at all the new additions.

And there's plenty to see: the expansion brings a new level cap of 58, new zones, new dungeons with selectable difficulty levels, and quite a bit more. Chapter III also brings the promise of even more down the road. The marriage system will be added to the game along with yet another level cap raise -- this time to 60 -- and there will be even more new zones, dungeons, and mounts added to Runes of Magic.

The expansion is live now, so check out all the details on the Runes of Magic site and get a first look at the newest screenshots in the gallery below.

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