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Suda 51 has 'many ideas' for 3DS


No More Heroes and Killer 7 creator Suda 51 is thinking about what he'd like to do with Nintendo's 3DS -- and, naturally, the designer's first idea manages to be both movie-inspired and kind of insane. Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Suda offered one of his "many ideas" for the 3D handheld: "I hope for the realization of a training remote like Luke Skywalker used for force training in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope."

"I would love to try to develop a game for 3DS if I have a chance," Suda added. Perhaps he'll get his chance after completing the mysterious project he's making for EA with Shinji Mikami. By then, he'll probably have changed his mind about making a DS game about being shot with lasers while blindfolded.

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