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The Classifieds: Retro and classic raid listings


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Last week, we sent out a call for raid listings of groups that do retro raiding (with raiders of instance-appropriate level and above) or classic raiding (adhering to strict level and gear caps appropriate to the instance content). While we only received a few listings, these represent groups that are actively welcoming new retro and classic raiders. Retro/classic groups, we know you're out there -- send us your details so we can list you! In this pre-expansion lull, there's never been a better time to catch up with all the old raid content you've never before seen, from Molten Core to Sunwell Plateau. Check out our classic/retro listings after the break, plus this week's shout-outs for Random Acts of Uberness, guild recruiting and more.

Let's crack open The Classifieds ...

Classic and retro raiding

Retro raiding <The Oz> (US Executus-A) raids the old raids on Sundays. "We call them Sunday Funnies," notes their recruiter, "and a different one is ran every week. We do not cap the level a player must be as long as they meet the level requirements to get in."

More retro raiding <Spectacular Death> (US Llane-A) is all about vanilla content. "'What do you want to do?' is the theme we're pushing," writes GM Gimlette. "If you want vanilla achievements, we'll get them. We did a big push into Ulduar from the middle of April through last week, so we have not raided vanilla content since a 4-man of Molten Core on April 9. Blackwing Lair is on the schedule for May 19. We will be heading back into our classic roots beginning in June."

And still more retro raiding <Doctors of Philosophy> (US Dawnbringer-H) has been running retro raids off and on for two years."We've done most of vanilla (stuck on Twin Emps temporarily) and pretty much all of BC," writes their representative. "It's interesting to look at, but by and large only a few bosses are actually challenging any more. Archi comes to mind, Twin Emps comes to mind."

Is your guild or raiding group open to new members for retro or classic raiding? Drop us a line at

Random Acts of Uberness

Stretch (US The Underbog-H) While playing my little hunter, I decided to queue up for a random dungeon. To my surprise, it wasn't too long after I did this that it popped right up and I was tossed into the mouth of Wailing Caverns. I wasn't unhappy with this at all though; I needed the achievement, had a few quests and had time to finish it. The tank and healer were not as satisfied with this, as they both logged off within 30 seconds of getting inside. So the only ones left were myself, a mage and a fellow hunter. We requeued and the mage stuck around for a little while longer, but soon left after, feeling it was hopeless. After all, who wants to tank Wailing Caverns at 6 a.m.?

And then there were two. Stretch from The Underbog and I decided that we could keep going until a tank and healer (and now another DPS) arrived to join us. So doing exactly that, he and his pet tiger Tony (who made an excellent tank and only died once) and my pet Alice and I took on the entire cavern. After an hour and a half of waiting in the queue, we had cleared the trash at a steady pace, took down each boss quickly and smoothly, and completed ending escort quest successfully. It really is a shame you can't friend people across servers. Stretch, if you're reading this, I hope to 2-man some more dungeons with you in the future! Who needs a tank and a healer to get the job done? -- Niya, US Area 52-H

Lazaruswalks (US Blade's Edge-H) The random act of uberness I witnessed took place in a battleground -- Alterac Valley to be exact. Everyone was fighting for their Children's Week achievement while I was still savouring my newly won title. Icewing Bunker was under attack -- nothing major, only a few Alliance, but they managed to kill our sole defender and hold the bunker. We had a small team going inside to show their orphan the fun of maiming corpses and burning buildings, I was busy trying to push into this small turtle the battle had become. Only a handful of Alliance were on defense but our team was depleted, everyone was fighting for themselves and we basically had no offense. I was holding the small road near Icewing bunker; if any Alliance came, they were dead. Normally, I can kill one or two and the rest of them pass by to join the offense, but this time was different. I had a companion and we let none pass.

Lazaruswalks from the server Blade's Edge, a rogue, fought along my side, and with a combination of CC, we stacked the kb. I would charge and hamstring, he'd Cheap Shot while applying poisons. A runner? No problem! Just a Blind and we can work on him after this dwarf. The only ones that ran away were a night elf priest who was smart enough to run through the small path in the mountain and a dwarven priest with a draenei paladin; our teamwork just wasn't there against them.

I consider this an act of uberness considering the lack of teamwork and cooperation in BGs these days, especially during the Children's Week. (Who brings a kid to war, anyway?) Thanks to Lazarus, we'd gotten a lot of HKs and fun, which is becoming rare in PvP nowadays. -- Vankina (US Velen-H)

Merlinz (US Andorhal-H) On Friday night I ran a painless heroic Halls of Reflection run. I was unsurprised to see our mage, Merlinz of US Andorhal-, topping the DPS charts with nearly double my (admittedly mediocre) DPS. However, on the Marwyn fight, I was surprised to notice a steady stream of Frostfire Bolts arcing across the room. When I told her I was happy to see someone enjoying a Frostfire build, she told me that in addition to not enjoying Arcane, her lag negated its advantage. It made my day to see a hot Forsaken mage who is unafraid to play the way she wants. -- Padraic (US Steamwheedle Cartel-H)

Fedalar (US Saurfang-A) and Cruyz (US Korgath-A) Got into a random group for Blackfathom Deeps as I was working on my rogue alt the other day. Everything was going smoothly until the tank decided to light all four candles after Twilight Lord Kelris. We all died pretty quickly as a result and both the tank and the healer left. After waiting around for a while to see if we could finish with new people, the three of us decided to go see about Aku'mai by ourselves. I'm loaded with heirlooms, so I played tank while Cruyz threw some heals out and Fedalar brought the damage. It took a little while, but we took her down. Thanks to those two people, we finished the dungeon and I had one of the most entertaining dungeon experiences ever. Thanks guys, you made my day with this one. -- Stanstabbins, <Integrity> (US Eitrigg-A)

Belanar (EU Hellscream-A) Attempting to gear up my death knight alt for an Icecrown-10 alt run, I sought out a blacksmith who could craft the Battlelord's Plate Boots. I had the materials and found myself such a person -- a dwarf female Kingslayer warrior, no less! Belanar, for t'was their name, took my materials and began crafting-- only to accidentally make a pair of Spiked Deathdealers. Belanar then hopped onto an alt and bought the materials once again, crafting for me the pair of boots I asked for and handing over both pairs, the Deathdealers as a gift. I didn't have much spare gold, but I made sure to tip Bel 50g and thank them for the service. Thank you for doing that craft at a loss! -- Blayze

Employment: Guild recruiting

  • Casual 10-man <The Freemasons> (US Blade's Edge-A) seeks tanks and healers to fill out its 10-man ICC team. "Most of our members have jobs and families, and we are looking for players who want to raid in a fun and relaxed environment," writes their recruiter. Raids Wed./Sun. 7 p.m. server. Contact Merlinodin or Nachosjim in game or email
  • Progression healers <Freelance> (US Scarlet Crusade-A) is recruiting all classes but especially healers for progression raiding on a light schedule. "Our current raiding priority is ICC-25," notes their recruiter, "having cleared up to the Lich King in 25-man regular and downing the Lich King in 10-player regular. Outside of 25-man raids we actively run 10-player content, heroics and many members participate in PvP battlegrounds and arenas." Loot system is Ni_Karma, a modified free roll system; freelance raids 25-player content from Tues./Thurs./Sun. 7-10:30 p.m. CST.
  • Social raiding <Grace of the Fallen> (US Lothar-H) is recruiting all classes and levels of sociable types for raiding. "We are a small leveling/light raiding/social guild, primarily composed of alts and casual players," explains their recruiter. "Our primary objective is to provide a relaxed and laid-back environment where members can progress at their own pace, socialize, have a good time and get away from the various pressures of the more hardcore progression guilds."

Anniversary bells

<Two Percent> (US Uldaman-H), which claims to be the oldest and largest casual guild on Uldaman, will celebrate their fourth anniversary this weekend. "The guild was formed mere days after server launch and continues to maintain a fun and diverse membership of folks, with over 160 individual accounts spread out over 460+ characters," writes their representative. "While the focus is on a fun, friendly, adult atmosphere, the 10-man raiding teams are into Upper Spire and runs once or twice a week. Feel free to look us up online or in game if you're looking for a new home!"

Just coming off their own third annivesary celebration is <Catalyst> (US Shattered Halls-A). "We managed to kill LK-25 on the Tuesday before and organized a friendly triathalon of sorts for out guildies in game," writes a guild rep. "It involved a naked gnome level 1 death run race, scavenger hunt and guild/lore trivia. For prizes, we offered a Celestial Steed, Traveler's Tundra Mammoth and a Twilight Drake. We wrapped up our events on Thursday with an OS-3D 25-man run to get the drake winner his prize."

The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on player and community news, help finding the right guild, who's making waves in the WoW community and more. Email your news and Random Acts of Uberness to

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