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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: All App Wednesday


This afternoon, live from the spacious studios of TUAW TV Live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, your host Steve Sande takes you on a video tour of recent iPhone and iPad apps.

Do you need a way to search for a lost ant costume? How about capturing video of everything you're doing on your iPhone? Are you an international financier who needs to keep up to date? Or perhaps someone who is just trying to stay entertained on the road? We have video demos of apps that will help you in all of these situations, and more.

Steve also has some live app demos that he'll be providing for your edification. There are always some good discussions in the "back room" during the show, and you can do your part to keep the show lively.

To join us, just mosey on back to TUAW at about 5 PM EDT. At that time, we'll have instructions on how you can watch and participate in today's show.

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