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Ubisoft announces five new MMOs "in development"

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

EA recently announced their controversial Online Pass program, a business model that looked pretty appealing to Ubisoft. CEO Yves Guillemot says that they are "looking very carefully at what EA is doing," so we will probably see them adopting a similar program in the future. The Online Pass program requires players to either purchase the games new, or pay EA $10 to unlock online content on used or rented games.

According to a recent report at Gamespot, that's not the only project going on at Ubisoft right now. While they are considering something similar to Online Pass for the future, the focus is more on the development side for the time being -- specifically the development of MMOs. They say they've got five free-to-play MMOs in the works, including the Heroes of Might and Magic MMO that we heard about last month. Heroes of Might and Magic, currently in closed beta, is the game we have the most information on, but we'll keep an eye out for news on the other four titles Ubisoft has planned.

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