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WoW Moviewatch: Wardens of Azeroth part 2


We covered the first part of Erunno's Wardens of Azeroth yesterday, which makes today the day for Wardens of Azeroth part 2. Yesterday, I was focused on how its silent nature made the machinima feel more interactive to me. Since Erunno wasn't clearly spelling out every detail of the plot, the audience was left to fill out the story in their imagination. Today, I wanted to talk a little more about that.

A huge part of any roleplay game is the role. And even if you're not a roleplayer, you still get a certain sense of your character and the story behind that character. The whole darn game is firmly rooted in the imagination. Machinimas like Wardens of Azeroth do more than just spin out their own tale. They encourage and empower the players themselves to embrace creativity when playing WoW, and really think about how the lore and characters all come together in a final piece of art. I don't know if that was Erunno's goal, of course, but that was certainly an affect of this movie.

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