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Blur trailer and screens highlight Team Race, Team Motor Mash modes


In the latest trailer for Blur, lead designer Gareth Wilson takes us for a lap around the upcoming racer's bevy of team events. First, Wilson breaks down some tactics in Team Race, your run-of-the-mill us-vs-them race mode, in which teams duke it out on the track. Here, players can swap mods and lend assistance in a variety of ways -- all in an effort to finish the race in the best position possible, thus earning more points than the enemy team.

The second portion of the trailer focuses on Team Motor Mash, another points-based team mode in which points aren't simply earned through pole position, but rather through the judicious application of power-ups. Players can also earn points by smashing into rival drivers, giving this mode a Destruction Derby-like feel.

Aside from the new trailer, we've also got some new screens for you to check out in the gallery below. Blur races to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on May 25.

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