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eviGroup's Android Wallet MID now available, chrome is optional (video)

Tim Stevens

The last time we saw eviGroup's Wallet it'd been given an '80s-style two-tone bezel and a January release date. Thankfully, the two-tone look has gone, but that anticipated date didn't exactly pan out either. The MID is officially now shipping, with the base (chrome-free) model going for €199 (about $245). For that you get a five-inch, 800 x 480 resistive touchscreen device running Android 1.5 from 1GB of built in storage, augmented by a microSD slot. Power comes from a 667MHz Samsung ARM processor and the battery is said to last about six hours. For your €199 you'll also get a car mount and a car charger, but given the device has neither GPS nor access to Google Navigation we're not entirely sure the point of all that. Still, it's not a bad price, but those who really like showing off their wealth can get one with a chrome backside for an extra €20. Heart-felt unboxing after the break.

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