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Final Fantasy XI posts previews of the nation quest conclusions

Eliot Lefebvre

It's a truism of any good story: all good things must come to an end. And it's certainly true of the overarching story for the last Final Fantasy XI expansion, Wings of the Goddess, which is finally approaching a conclusion after two and a half years. The upcoming June version update won't conclude the overarching mission storyline, but it will draw the nation-specific quests to a finale. Square-Enix has given the players a brief peek at what's awaiting them in these final movements of a story that quite literally stretches across a huge span of time.

The San d'Orian story forces the nation's forces deeper into enemy territory, investigating rumors of a resurrected Count Aurchiat. Citizens of Bastok, meanwhile, will pursue the would-be assassin Klara Bester straight to Castle Zvhal itself... where Zeid's past is waiting to confront him. And as Windurst nears its final victory against the Yagudo, their final push brings out the true cost that the war has exacted on its people. It's the last hurrah for these stories, and the strength of storytelling is one of the greatest assets within Final Fantasy XI, so players are encouraged to look at the coming ending.

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