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HTC Glacier, LED, and Vision among next round of vague codenames?

Chris Ziegler

Start that wild imagination of yours running, because you're going to need it to make sense of this little tidbit. A tipster who claims (and gives us visual evidence as proof) that he was able to root out HTC product names like Incredible and Legend months before release on some sort of internal component bidding site has sent us a new shot showing three names we haven't heard before: "Glacier," "LED," and "Vision." Vision is listed with "TMO" next to it, suggesting it's coming to T-Mobile -- though we've no idea whether that's referring T-Mobile's European or American branch, which typically operate with virtually zero overlap. Glacier sounds like a phone that's either really slow, really cold, or is rapidly disappearing due to environmental forces beyond HTC's control, and LED sounds like... well, Light Emitting Diode. Yep, your guess is as good as ours.

[Thanks, foil]

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