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International iPad App Store opening early


On May 28th, the iPad begins shipping in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, at last rewarding customers who've been waiting longer than expected. Speaking of waiting, international access to the iPad App Store is available today, but with limited functionality.

Italian website ipadevice has posted screenshots of the Italian iPad App Store (English translation here). It's mostly functional, displaying new apps and rating charts. The books section is still unfinished, and Apple's iWork and iBooks apps are still unlisted, though an international customer can still download iBooks with an American account.

Note that the "iPad App Store" isn't a separate entity, but a presentation of the store's offerings pushed to iPads that highlights iPad-optimized apps. If you're outside of Italy and the US, can you gain access? Let us know.

[Via MacNN]

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