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New UK government a possible setback for game dev tax breaks


A report from Develop claims that the much-lobbied game development tax breaks that UK developers have been seeking may have to wait a bit longer before coming to fruition. Sources close to the UK government told the site that the recently reorganized government -- a new coalition of Liberals and Conservatives -- will "look to find its feet" before any further discussion takes place on the previously greenlit tax break initiative.

"We're not really sure what the future holds. It's very early days and we have to hold discussions and set in train how this is going to work," the source told Develop. That said, newly appointed, game-friendly Culture Minister Ed Vaizey could help to get plans quickly back on track. Vaizey has spoken out in defense of games in the past, even belonging to a group set to publicly defend the medium earlier this year. For the time being, a Treasury Department source added that the previous party's tax break bill is still "in motion" and that the new administration would "have to act to stop the plan." We're hoping it'll still be too busy finding those feet to stop it.

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