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SWTOR players will trek across Hoth [Updated]


This morning's breaking news of twitter feeds, email, blog posts included a story from about a hands-on preview of Star Wars: The Old Republic. (It's an informative article. A SWTOR fan should read it.) However, the items that drew attention away from the article were the unrelated images scattered throughout the post. After clicking about for a while it was determined they were not just any images, but rather paintings and screenshots of a yet-to-be-announced playable planet of Hoth. This was confirmed by Stephanie Bayer, a community manager for the game, via Twitter, "Have you checked out today? No? Thar be #SWTOR exclusive stuff there! It's totally HOT(h)! "

Who would have guessed the planet named after the famous Jedi Master Lord Hoth will be explorable in SWTOR? For those who may have skipped the best Star Wars movie of all time, this is a frozen wasteland made famous at the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back. Although in the Old Republic time period there is not much interest in the planet. It is mostly the home of tauntauns, wampas, and the occasional crashed spaceship. Fringe members of both the Imperial and Republic factions will conduct their nefarious business on this frozen desert.

To read the whole article about Hoth or view the paintings and screenshots hop over to

[Update: the official SWTOR site has updated their Holonet entry with Hoth -- check it out past the break!]

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