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WoW Moviewatch: Nub Tales ep. 2: Shadowmourne


Yumfries examined the legend of the Celestial Steed back in the first episode of Nub Tales. Now, he's taking on a whole new matter by looking at the epic weapon known as Shadowmourne. As bonus, Selserene guest stars as a female player in this movie, Nub Tales ep. 2: Shadowmourne.

I'm really loving this series by Yumfries. While I acknowledge the high art of story-based machinima, I have to admit that my usual favorite is comedy and parody. I like the spotlight that comedy shines on the WoW community, highlighting and criticizing some of our most absurd quirks. Yumfries is doing a great job of exactly that, so I'm going to be excited about every episode we get.

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