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EA taps Gus Johnson for Madden 11 commentary


Gus Johnson is no ho-hum, run-of-the-mill announcer. He really gets into it. EA has taken notice and tapped Johnson for play-by-play announcer duties in Madden 11. Johnson will join Cris Collinsworth, who returns this year to provide the color commentary.

Johnson replaces Tom Hammond, whose commentary tracks last year were criticized by Madden players as being wooden and lifeless. While it's difficult to program engaging game commentary with pre-recorded audio, EA Tiburon remains committed to improving this facet of its football mega-franchise. With 90,000 lines of dialogue going into Madden 11, players will hear more dynamic play-calling than in past iterations, whether it's when a receiver drops a catch or a running back breaks into the open field.

Above, watch a video of some of the developers discussing the new audio approach in Madden 11. For a preview of Johnson doing some lines for the game, hit up ESPN.

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