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Metareview: Super Mario Galaxy 2


Everyone expects a Mario game to be good -- and it's even easier to expect quality when the new game is a direct follow-up to a game as universally adored as Super Mario Galaxy.

However, even given the high expectations, the reception Super Mario Galaxy 2's getting is startling. There are, as of right now, eight scores equivalent to 100 percent on the game's Metacritic page, a range befitting the title our own Randy Nelson called "the best Mario game ever." We've only quoted one of the 100-percenters below, in the interest of variety.
  • Edge (10): "This is a game that refuses to bore you, that can take you to the 60-star mark before asking you to do the same thing twice. It reuses assets, but almost never recycles ideas; you'll never see another title so thrifty, or so gratuitous."
  • Game Informer (93/100): "Sure, it's not the total reinvention of the genre we've come to expect from a new Mario title, but as a platformer fan I'm happy to get more Mario to tide me over. This game is a testament to the enduring appeal of the genre, as well as Nintendo's ability to create fresh new gameplay out of a decades-old formula."
  • Game|Life (9/10): "Super Mario Galaxy 2 is thus simultaneously more and less than its predecessor. It expands and elaborates on the gameplay in unpredictable ways, but the last one felt like a bigger, more complete adventure. That said, better core gameplay with less window dressing is infinitely preferable to the reverse."

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