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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on iPhone next week for $5


Next week, you'll have another platform on which to experience Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney's verbal dueling. Capcom has announced that the iPhone version of the first Phoenix Wright game, originally revealed in December, will be released on the App Store at a price of just $4.99. It's even got the fifth case, which was only available in the WiiWare port as DLC. If you've never played Phoenix Wright, passing it up at such a bargain price is a crime, punishable by our disappointment.

This is the rare iPhone port that won't be ruined by the platform's lack of buttons -- gameplay consists entirely of clicking through menus and occasionally pointing a cursor at an area of the screen. Capcom has even streamlined these controls further for iPhone, with a "flick interface" that allows players to swipe through inventory menus. There's something satisfying about the idea of playing Phoenix Wright with your outstretched index finger.

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