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Shine a light on Alan Wake for $49, get $10 bonus credit


Excerpt from Alan Wake's technological thriller, It Came from Amazon:

I sat there staring at the screen, unable to believe my aching eyes. Had I had too much to drink, or was this real? The Amazon checkout cart read $49.99, and it was definitely
Alan Wake sitting in the basket. That alone didn't really frighten me. What tipped me over the edge was the $10 bonus credit on a future video game purchase.

The site had similar deals on other games. Super Street Fighter IV for $30, God of War 3 for $45, Splinter Cell Conviction ... again $45. All of these and more, like Super Mario Galaxy 2, with at least $10 bonus credit. Was that even possible? Or, had the Darkness managed to infiltrate my computer?

Unsure of itself, my shaking index finger finally clicked true. The purchase was made -- with free Super Saver shipping -- and now all I could do was wait, wait and contemplate how to spend that $10 credit. Red Dead Redemption was supposed to be pretty good.

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