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The Daily Blues: Happy Birthday, Zarhym!


Each day will take you through all the blue posts and other Blizzard news from around the internet. From Ghostcrawler's latest posts to the lowdown on StarCraft II and Diablo III, we'll keep you informed.

We haven't posted The Daily Blues this week because the blues have been so quiet, obviously working hard on Cataclysm and related content. But today is something special -- the birthday of Zarhym, who turns 29. So happy birthday to our blue-tinted friend, may all your drops be epic. Go wish him a happy birthday.

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Ghostcrawler -- Spell Power Totem Buff
It is 100 yards. The new implementation isn't a totem, but an effect that radiates from an existing totem.


Zarhym -- BlizzCon Outside of California
We're always open to the idea of hosting BlizzCon elsewhere. Consider though that every BlizzCon and Worldwide Invitational in the past took place in cities where we have local Blizzard offices.

The primary issue with hosting BlizzCon on the east coast is one of logistics. A large number of people helping to set up and run BlizzCon are actually Blizzard employees. Set up and rehearsals begin days before the start of the event. Sending at least 75% of our Irvine staff to the east coast for at least a week could easily cause major logistical issues with maintaining daily operations, in addition to the substantial extra costs.

It still doesn't mean it's out of the question though. :)

Zarhym -- Anyone named Twilightsuks isn't getting a beta key
I think everyone who responded to this thread (except for Twilightsuks) should get beta access. ^.^

Zarhym -- Downfall of Blizzard

Remember when Blizzard Entertainment made great games and always put, making a great game before making a profit, they would delay games just to make sure it was up to their high standards tweaking it balancing it making it challenging and fun, nowadays..

They are rushing with an early beta unfinished game SC2 (they are also selling 3 differents games in order to maximize profits)

They seem to have turned into faceless corporates who only care about making money, it all started when they peaked with WoW (vanilla) ever since then they have been in a fall, now all they care about is money, starting with adverstisment in the forums ads etc , being able to switch to race / faction, dumbing down WoW in order to get more players (to maximize profits), selling mounts for real-life money etc...

It's sad tho that once a great gaming company has been so corrupted by greed.

I say this in the most professional way possible:


Zarhym -- Blizzard's promises

"We don't have plans to do that" does not = "I promise to never ever do it!"

It's also worth noting that individual employees are capable of making mistakes or wording things poorly. Yes, we speak for Blizzard, but we (GMs, CMs, developers, etc.) as individuals are still human. If one individual says "this will not happen," it's possible that statement does not align with our internal goals. It's an unfortunate matter of fact we try to avoid at all times through proper training, as we understand players consider the words of any employee to be an official statement from the company.

Just to give you an example, I make a mistake whenever I hit the "Post" button to reply to a thread. :p

Zarhym -- The game doesn't start when you stop gaining experience

After 5 80s, and countless toons between 1 and the cap, you realize the game doesn't start until 80, and even then, you can't do anything until you have gear. The less painful it is to get to that point, the happier I would be.

I say boo on that. One of our goals with Cataclysm is to remind players that the game doesn't start once you stop gaining experience. The overwhelming majority of this game's content exists between level 1 and the cap. A pretty healthy majority of people who have ever played this game have never experienced the endgame, and I'm not just referring to people who quit during the leveling process.

The entire game is supposed to be fun, therefore it starts when you log into a brand new character. As I said before, I hope Cataclysm reminds you of this. I can't wait to level some new characters in a re-visualized, evolved Azeroth. I'm excited to take on random quests and wear green items. When it comes to entertainment, these features are just as valuable to me as the most prestigious epic items in the game, if not more valuable. The leveling experience is where you learn how to play your class, learn about the virtual world in which you find yourself, and discover what is fun about continuing on.

Ancilorn -- New Fan Art: Deumus
Today we feature some of Klo's artwork with a piece entitled: Deumus! Take a moment to check out this strong and silent Blood Knight.

We're always looking for new fan art and if you're an artist, you can submit your work to us here.

We update the Gallery regularly and encourage you to check regularly to see what new and talented submissions are on display.


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