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David Jaffe not working on new Twisted Metal [update: yes he is]


Aside from answering questions about the current state of documentary film and divulging his current love affair with Black Rock Studios' Split/Second, Eat Sleep Play head David Jaffe is busy bustin' through speculation about his current game project. "By the way, I WISH we were making a new Twisted Metal. Making [a] game you've already worked on is tons easier cuz your core blueprint is already there. This new game design stuff tho? Man, that is hard ... reason I'm so stressed these days!" Jaffe recently tweeted.

Jaffe also suggested that his studio's current project is unlikely to be revealed during E3. "Sony has not asked us and given it's 3 weeks away, my guess is u r correct: no Eat Sleep Play game at E3," he tweeted, busting through his own expectations from last year. So, he's presumably working on a car-based game, but it's not Twisted Metal ... uh, the Indiana Jones (mine) kart racer we've all been waiting for, perhaps?

Update: David Jaffe told Joystiq via email this morning, "As for my Twitter, I stand by what I said: we are not making a new Twisted Metal altho [sic] I think doing one WOULD be fun...but we simply are not. Also a game by Eat Sleep Play will NOT be at E3 2010. I can't speak to what we ARE working on because it's not my place to."

Update from E3 2010: What David Jaffe meant to say was, "We are making a new Twisted Metal. A game by Eat Sleep Play WILL be at E3 2010."

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