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Global Agenda on sale at Steam just in time for Sandstorm patch

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Hi-Rez Studios has been busy since the launch of Global Agenda -- and they've been even busier preparing the Sandstorm patch. Patch 1.3 is being released in stages, and if the buzz surrounding it was enough to get you interested, then this is the perfect time to buy.

Hi-Rez has announced a sale on Global Agenda in anticipation of the patch: The first phase of Global Agenda's major new Sandstorm patch arrives shortly. Get prepared by buying the game on Steam for 25% off (that's $29.99/₤18.74/€22.49).

The sale is listed as this week only, so you've got several more days to pick the game up for yourself and convince your friends to join you!

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