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PlayStation tattoo gun mod gets inmate a stern rebuke, admiration from his cell block


When an inmate at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre near Gatwick, West Sussex, England, needed access to a tattoo gun (presumably banned in UK lockups, just as they are in the US) inspiration struck. According to The Sun, the inmate used the motor of a PlayStation's optical drive to move a sharpened ball-point pen. Sure, there are better ways to get ink -- such as waiting to be released -- but it ain't exactly a prison tattoo if you don't get it in prison. The paper goes on to say that from time to time a similar contraption made from "Nintendo consoles" turns up stateside, although the only such device we've ever seen was in an episode of The Wire, and it was made from an old cassette player. Either way, this is one mod we surely won't see from Ben Heck any time soon.

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