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Ride around Norrath in style with a free prowler mount from Massively and SOE!


Foolish reading mortals! It is I, Seccia Ravenloft, here to publicly lament the decision made by Seraphina Brennan. She has denied me a stylish cat mount, all because she made some statements regarding ponies that sparkle and poor marketing decisions. Rubbish, I say, rubbish! Her foolishness has disgraced the Tier'dal, and I shun her! Shuuuunnnnnnn!

But you! You dear, beautiful readers! You still have a chance to avoid Tier'dal disgracement! How would you like to cross Norrath in style on the back of a powerful prowler mount? Tempting, is it not? Well, we here at Massively (namely me) have 10 prowler mounts to give away to lucky, Tier'dal-supporting readers, thanks to our friends at SOE!

How can you claim one of these $25 mounts for yourself for the low cost of absolutely free? Follow after the break and I'll hit you with details.

This contest is so easy that an ogre could do it! Blindfolded! In his sleep! All you need to do is comment on this post, proving to me that you are a worthy adventurer who does not disgrace the Tier'dal! I want to hear this site shake with cries of support for our noble cause!

Out of the mortals who comment with a war cry of support, I will randomly choose 10 of you to receive the mount. This is a random drawing, for only fate can truly decide who is worthy of the mount. That is the Tier'dal way!

  • To enter, post a comment on this contest page, shouting a war cry of support for the Tier'dal (Dark Elves).
  • The comment must be left before 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 26th.
  • You may enter only once.
  • Ten winners will be selected in a random drawing.
  • Ten winners will receive a Station Marketplace keycode that lets the winner choose an Ethereal Prowler, a Sinister Prowler, or a Ulteran Prowler mount for EverQuest II. (All mounts valued at $25.00.)
  • Click Here for complete Official Rules. You must be a resident of the US or Canada (excluding Quebec) who is 18 years or older to enter this contest.

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