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WoW Moviewatch: Nub Tales ep. 3: Cataclysm Alpha Police


NSFW Warning: If a bit of cursing is bad in your office, you should check this video out at home.

Yumfries must be having a lot of fun with his Nub Tales series, because they keep coming out in fairly quick succession. That's all right by me, because I have a lot of fun with the videos. Some folks have mentioned that the videos just sound like a machinima version of trade chat. That's kind of the point; this is satire. It seems clear to me that Yumfries is making fun of that behavior, not taking it in earnest. Check out Nub Tales ep. 3: Cataclysm Alpha Police.

The basic premise of this video relates to all that Cataclysm alpha news we've been hearing lately. A small group of Alliance is hanging out in Goldshire chatting up about Things That Should Not Be Discussed. And since they're talking about those things, the authorities have no choice but to show up and stop that nonsense. These authorities use a dashing gnome with amazingly good looks to be the pistol toting instrument of their law.

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