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Faxion Online announced, promises a divine struggle

Eliot Lefebvre

In most games that feature two factions in a PvP environment, there's plenty of room to debate whether or not one side or the other is evil or just misunderstood. Not so in the upcoming Faxion Online, however -- one side is evil. One side is irrevocably and entirely evil. But then again, when you're part of the forces of Hell, you kind of accept that as a given.

Aiming for a beta later this year, the game is taking its setting as the eternal struggle between Heaven and Hell, with players taking sides as both factions seek territory. While a somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach to the subject is certainly welcome, most gamers are going to be looking for a little more from the title. It's slated to deliver on that front, with a PvP-focused game that heavily weighs on the aforementioned control of territory.

The game also promises to remove some of the tedious level grind, a promise which is frequently made but not quite so easy to carry out. We'll have to see how Faxion Online fares in that regard as it moves through development -- but at least we won't be discussing which faction is really evil.

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