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Parrot AR.Drone to get price, release date at E3


The folks at Parrot recently sent around notice that they'll be attending the E3 conference here in LA in about a month or so; at that show, they finally expect to announce a price and release date for the iPhone-controlled quadricopter that some of our readers have been craving ever since it was announced back at CES. Back when we played with the device at Macworld, we were told that it would be around $500 and would come out sometime before the end of this year, but of course, both price and date are still up in the air.

That will remain true until around June 15th, when E3 starts. I'll be there in person, and as soon as I hear a price and date, you will as well. If I get to give it another fly, I'll try not to crash it quite so quickly. My bad on that one.

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