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Realtime Worlds releases APB intro cinematic

Jef Reahard

Realtime Worlds and Electronic Arts have released the opening cinematic for their upcoming All Points Bulletin urban crime MMORPG. The teaser, clocking in at just under a minute and a half, features gameplay footage cut together cinema verite-style, with heavy use of filters, distortion, and the occasional newsreel effect, all of which combine to produce a palpable sense of dread and tension.

The video also sets up the game's back story, briefly hinting at the assassination of San Paro mayor John Derren, the ascent of his daughter to assume his position, and the resulting descent of the city itself into a storm of gang-related violence and vigilantism. "I just want to know how it feels, realizing you're trapped in a situation where you're losing control of the city," says a journalist to recently elected mayor Jane Derren in a chilling voice-over track that accompanies the violent footage.

Check out the teaser over at GameTrailers, or click past the cut.

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