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Archlord opens new server, adds new incentives

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Archlord has had its share of problems, beginning last September when it was transferred from Codemasters to Webzen. Account creation was shut down for over a month while the transition was made, then Archlord returned with a shiny new class to welcome players back. Things were iffy for a while, and Webzen announced a server merge even as they made plans for new content and support in several different languages.

They're obviously doing something right, because Webzen has announced a brand-new server for Archlord, some great offers for those who take advantage of it, and a few extra additions to the game as well. Beginning tomorrow, North and South American players will be able to join the Grazia server, taking advantage of free character transfers if needed. Not sure if you want to switch? You might change your mind after you see the incentives: the server will be set up to grant +300% EXP as well as 200% drop rates for a month.

Players on Grazia aren't the only ones who will be enjoying extras in the coming days. Archlord is also introducing the buddy system for the entire community. Adding someone to your in-game buddy list will provide a link to that player that gives you both additional rewards for clearing quests and missions.

You can check out all the new information on the Archlord site.

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