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Droid Incredible confirmed to be suffering from AMOLED shortage

Chris Ziegler

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Being completely unable to keep a popular device in stock is a great problem to have, we suppose -- but considering that Verizon Wireless' Lowell McAdam believes he could sell "twice" the number of Droid Incredibles that he has available, that's got to be a bit of a bummer if you're one of the company's bean counters (or a would-be buyer, for that matter). In a talk at a Barclays Capital conference today, McAdam made it clear that component shortages were to blame for the high-end Android handset's general unavailability -- specifically the Samsung-sourced AMOLED display, which is seeing duty in more phones all the time and will likely be in short supply for a while yet. At the present, new buyers need to wait until at least mid-June to get their Droid Incredible if they order online, and the Nexus One's brief inventory situation is very likely related; since Samsung is using a ton of AMOLED displays in its own devices, doesn't this all seem like a conflict of interest?

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