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ESPN sees 3D penetration surpassing DVRs by 2019


For those wondering why ESPN is so eagerly launching a dedicated 3D channel, VP Sean Bratches was on stage at a 3DTV conference in NYC comparing it favorably to the launch of ESPN HD. The HD launch was mostly concentrated on smaller cable providers, while ESPN 3D is kicking off with DirecTV and Comcast, while the network sees 3DTV penetration surpassing DVRs by 2019. Also, there may be a few more 3D produced events than the 85 originally promised for the first year, with a schedule of up to 100 events now. Multichannel News has the rest of the details from the conversation, but we're pretty sure you can tell how serious ESPN is about 3D with one glance at Mr. Bratches' incredible eyebrows.

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