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Global Verge wins $43 million lawsuit against mystery MVNO Zer01

Tim Stevens

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When we first heard about Zer01 it was set to launch at a time when other MVNOs were disappearing. (Remember Amp'd Mobile, or Helio?) Zer01 was pledging unlimited voice and data for just $69.99 a month, before most other carriers had their $99 plans, but ultimately never delivered a thing. Apparently Global Verge was similarly left in the dark, but unlike the rest of us it had invested $170,000 in Zer01 in exchange for selling wireless services as part of its multi-level marketing company. Global Verge had been allowing its "e-associates" (people who pay for the right to hawk Global Verge's wares) to shill for Zer01 wireless, which of course never delivered a single call. There are accusations flying fast and frantic about which of the two companies is the worst offender here, but the District Court in Clark County, Nevada at least believes that it's Zer01 reneging on its promises, awarding $43 million to Global Verge for breach of contract and various other legal wrongdoings. Congrats, GV, and good luck collecting.

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