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Phoenix Wright's extra DLC case available on WiiWare


Capcom announced that "Rise from the Ashes," the fifth case of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney created for the DS version, is now available as DLC for the WiiWare version of Phoenix Wright. The timing is a little weird on this, since it's DLC for the first game, coming after the release of the second and third Phoenix Wright games. Not that it really matters -- the series jumps back and forth along its timeline anyway.

If you've played through the full game on WiiWare, you should probably check this case out for 100 Wii Points. Sadly, Maya Fey isn't present, but you'll be introduced to Ema Skye, and, more importantly, you'll have hours and hours of investigation and arguing ahead of you. Even if it stings a little to pay an extra dollar on top of the cost of the game, now that the even cheaper iPhone port is out.

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