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THQ Partners program to assist publishers and developers with global distribution


Amidst the seemingly endless barrage of recent business announcements from game developers and publishers, THQ revealed its new "THQ Partners" program, led by former THQ wireless head Tim Walsh. Rather than mirroring similar initiatives at EA and Activision, THQ seems to be taking a different approach to its program: the publisher will be assisting developers and publishers in the US to bring their games to a global audience. Like the aforementioned EA and Activision initatives, however, there's a heavy focus on pedigree.

"I'm looking forward to working with a select number of world-class developers and publishers to distribute their great games through our global network," Walsh says of his new position, briefly touching on the "quality over quantity" mantra repeatedly preached by THQ as of late. THQ Global Publishing executive VP Ian Curran echoes the sentiment, adding, "THQ Partners is charged with maximizing the efficiencies of our global distribution network by enhancing our product offerings with quality games from developers and publishers who don't have the benefit of our extensive retail and online sales operations."

In human speak, "enhancing our product offerings with quality games" means "we're going to publish good games, and more of them," and those other parts in there talk about working harder to bring more games to more markets, on a global scale. Though we've reached out to see if THQ is already in talks with developers and publishers, the announcement says that Tim Walsh and THQP "will be meeting with interested parties at E3."

Update: Tim Walsh answers some questions on the new program for us after the break.

Regarding comparisons to EA and Activision:

"The bigger studios need and/or want custom solutions depending on their resources. Some want to execute all marketing globally for example, others are happy to leave it to their publishing and distribution partner and others may want to execute marketing in the US but have their partner execute it internationally. The same goes for manufacturing, PR etc. THQ Partners will be an option for Studios that want to keep ownership and control their IP and production and want to outsource their publishing and distribution functions."

Regarding potential partners:

"THQ Partners is looking for all types of games but of course we want high-quality games that will be global "tent-pole" hits. My goal is to grow THQ Partners to a point where we have a solid group of studios/developers that we build a long term relationships with by truly leveraging the best of each other's strengths and sharing the profits accordingly.

THQ has an incredible global publishing team. Award winning sales, marketing and distribution in all the major markets and physical, as well as digital, coverage of every territory where people buy games. That is our strength and what THQ Partners brings to the table."

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