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BP's efforts to clean up Gulf of Mexico oil spill livestreamed by PBS

Laura June

If you're looking to be even more depressed than usual today, you should hit up PBS Newshour's YouTube channel, where they are currently livestreaming the oil spill. That's right, you can see with your own eyes the truly stunning spew of crude happening in the ocean right now, along with BP's "efforts" to clean it up. When we checked in it was pretty quiet on the cleanup effort front, but you know, BP execs have to spend the first 21 hours of each business day counting money. Either way, we'll just have to wait and see if this so-called "Top Kill" is working out or not. PBS is also asking for reader suggestions on how to plug up the hole that's leaking all the oil, so get on over there if you have any good ideas today. Embedded stream follows.

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