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Catch up on Xenoblade with new trailer


In case you haven't been following Monolith Soft's Wii RPG Xenoblade, the strikingly comprehensive NIntendo Channel trailer after the break should help get you up to speed before E3, during which we suspect the game will appear again.

Despite the language barrier, you'll be able to see the setting (a world built on the bodies of two dead giants), the battle system (action-RPG style with AI partners and player-controlled special moves called "Arts"), and a bit about equipment (that can be seen on characters in both gameplay and cutscenes). Also, you can't miss the Xenoblade itself, a weird-looking sword thing that is capable of cutting mechs in half ... and also seeing the future.

For even more Xenoblade info, check the official site (via Andriasang), which details an achievement-like system, as well as a system through which you develop bonds with other characters.

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