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iPad wall mounts take a turn for the crazier (video)

Vlad Savov

Wall mounts have been around since forever and a day, but let's be honest, they've never had something quite like an iPad to cling on to. And now a couple of enthusiastic tablet users have gone and concocted their own homemade articulating display stands, showing how easily it can be done. Al forwards the gallery of pics below, telling us he only had to buy a standard VESA TV mount and an iPad case (costing around $40 in total), screw the two together, and boom, his son had an iPad "bed mount." Alternatively, if you're after a more sophisticated solution, you'll want to see dim3m's video after the break, showing how he put together the above speaker-enriched platform. Go ahead, there's a banging soundtrack too.

[Thanks, Al and dim3m]

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