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NCsoft releases third The More You MMO video

Jef Reahard

NCsoft has released the third episode in The More You MMO series of video shorts focused on RMT in Aion. The new piece, entitled Earn Your Power, examines the perils of buying your characters as opposed to leveling them up the old fashioned way.

"When you buy a character, you could be buying a character created by an RMT company or a power-leveling service. Not only could your security be compromised by dealing with these companies, the link your character has to these companies will lead to your account being eventually banned. Even worse, your character could have been a character stolen from another player who has been hacked," states the press release accompanying the video.

You can watch the short, which chronicles the ineptitude of a newb named Yarvington, on the official website or embedded here on Massively after the cut.

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