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One Shots: A pirate's life fer me

Yarr, mateys! It be summer in the northern hemisphere, and that'll be meanin' that it's hotter than a freshly fired cannonball in a Spaniard's foredeck. But ha'e no fear, ya barnacle-laden landlubbers! If th' acrid winds a' summer be beatin' ye down, ye can always climb inte' ye fav'rite chair and set sail for the breezy seas in Flying Lab's Pirates of the Burning Sea like today's One Shots privateer, Cpt. Shadowind! Here's what th' salty dog had to say for 'imself and th' nice image 'e sent in te' us: "[It's] Cpt. Shadowind from Pirates of the Burning Sea sailing into summer -- hey there is no tax on wind!"

If ye be readin' this site, then we know ye must be a tried an' true MMOer. If yer' readin this second paragraph, ye must be bleedin' bored! If yer' that bored, then ye should dig through yer screenshot folder, pick out a right tasty one for arr' right fair Massively crew, and send it o'er to oneshots AT massively DOT com along with yer name, th' name of th' game in yer screenshot, and a right fair tale about 'et. If 'ye do that, we promise 'te never make ye walk th' plank, matey.

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