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Patch 3.3.5 PTR: Zalazane's Fall quest summary and gallery

Anne Stickney

It's here, finally! The latest items on the 3.3.5 PTR are the quests for Operation: Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall, now playable and perfectly operational. After playing through the Zalazane storyline all I can say is Blizzard really outdid themselves with this one -- the lore and chain of quests are not only interesting from beginning to end, but seem to be bug-free. Check out the gallery for screenshots from the entire Zalazane questline, and check after the break for more information on the Zalazane's Fall chain, but be warned -- there are spoilers ahead!

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The questline starts out just behind Sen'jin Village on Darkspear Strand. Once there you meet Vanira, who needs to scout the Echo Isles but needs some help. Players are asked to capture frogs for her, and once they're attuned to her eyesight (via a handy Sentry Totem), players are then sent to drop the frogs off at various points across the Echo Isles via flying bat. It doesn't stop there though -- obviously in order to take the Echo Isles back, the Darkspear is going to need manpower -- er, trollpower -- in the form of recruits. Players are asked to head back to Razor Hill and recruit some trolls, who are all too eager to come help out.

Then it gets interesting -- Vanira sends players out to investigate a strange tiger who "hunts with the instincts of a cat, but the mind of a person." She imbues you with the spirit of the tiger and sends you off to challenge the strange cat -- who isn't a cat at all. Her name is Zen'tabra, and she's a druid. A troll druid! Zen'tabra and the rest of the druids have been lying low and waiting for Vol'jin's return, and she's more than happy to help take back the Isles with the rest of the Darkspear.

A quick trip to a witch doctor later, and you learn of another potential ally -- Bwonsamdi, the guardian of the dead. In return for the efforts so far, players receive an item much like the of the Orb of the Sin'dorei from Magister's Terrace, only this one turns you into a troll warrior. Then it's off to the Echo Isles to await Voljin, Zen'tabra and Vanira's arrival ... and to face off, finally, against Zalazane himself.

The final portion of the quest chain plays much like Battle for the Undercity -- it's phased, it's timed, and you must wait for the event to start before you play through the whole thing. Sadly, once the quest is completed, players are booted back to Darkspear Strand, and Zalazane the low-level boss still exists, but once these quests are live, you can be sure this won't be the case. As for Zen'tabra, she's sticking around -- after all, the new troll druids are going to need someone to train them, I suspect. All in all, the chain is incredibly entertaining and well done, and I expect the same from the Gnomeregan side of events. Check it out on the PTR if you get a chance!

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