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Red Dead Redemption Avatar gear moseys on over to Xbox Live


Does Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption not satiate your need for rough and tumble cowboy stuff? Relax a spell, friend. We'd like to tell you about some new Xbox Live Avatar items now available for download.

You'll find several full outfits are on offer, including the John Marston uniform above and the Walton Gang outfit in the bottom-right corner for the boys, while the fairer gender gains access to Bonnie McFarlane's in-game getup, as well as an Armadillo Woman ensemble -- each full outfit will set you back 320. If you're a bit short on coin (what did we tell you about spending all your time playing poker in the saloon?), there are cheaper fashions available -- including T-shirts with various characters and sayings on them and some hats. There's even a lasso prop your virtual self can play with. Add Red Dead Redemption Avatar gear to your Xbox 360 download queue

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