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Rockstar hopes to solve Red Dead Redemption UK shortage by this weekend

Our poor, transatlantic pals living in the UK have been wracked with a pretty significant retail shortage of Rockstar's latest open-world opus, Red Dead Redemption. Fortunately, Rockstar Games UK boss Neil Stephen (the man so nice, they named him twice) has told VG247 that Take-Two has been working with UK retail outlets to remedy the supply issues, stating, "we believe the situation should be resolved by this weekend, so we'd like to thank everyone involved for their part in this."

We're guessing Rockstar's solution to the shortages was to locate the rumored sunken cargo ship which dragged a few crates of the game to the bottom of the briny deep. If that's the case, we hope UK gamers enjoy finally getting their hands on copies of the game, and all of the barnacles therein.

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