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Rumor: Michael Jordan to grace the cover of NBA 2K11


You know that little dude doing a slam dunk on your shoes? That's not like some kind of corporate logo or something -- that's MIchael Jordan. Oh, you knew that? Well, thanks for ruining our opening paragraph. We guess we'll just get right to it then.

Sources close to ESPN say the legend himself will grace the cover of NBA 2K11, marking the first time a retired player and team owner has appeared on the cover of an NBA 2K title. Jordan recently became majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Further tantalizing "Jumpman 23" fans is the prospect of an in-game Mike, which ESPN posits is a strong possibility. This has supposedly lead to 2K pursuing other players from the past in an attempt to recreate some of Jordan's highlights in the game. With E3 fast approaching, we're certain we'll have confirmation one way or the other soon enough. We'll keep you posted.

[Via Eurogamer]

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