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Source SDK being patched for mods on Mac


Since Steam launched for Mac earlier this month, those of us enjoying the service have been seeking the answer to one crucial question: Will we ever be able to shoot Nazi dinosaurs like everyone else? It appears our answer is "yes, eventually," as one Valve employee took to the publisher's forums to respond to fans questions about whether Source mods would be available on Mac, saying, "We are working on a code update so you can compile your mods for OS X."

The employee doesn't go into specifics, but MacStories guesses we could see the update as soon as WWDC. Frankly, it's possible that the update will arrive around then, but we'll probably be so ensconced in news about the new iPhone that Nazi dinosaurs will be far from the top of our priority list. Oh, who're we kidding? Killing Nazi dinosaurs is always near the top of the priority list.

[Via MacStories]

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