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Lines form as the iPad goes on sale internationally


We're getting reports from across the globe this morning as the iPad reaches another round of customers. In Japan, where anticipation is high, lines formed at the Ginza flagship store on Wednesday -- two days in advance. Reuters reports that over 1,200 queued up to buy the device.

In Paris, customers lined up in the basement of the Louvre Museum. Businessweek reports that the line to buy an iPad was longer than the line to see the Mona Lisa.

Tech Radar reported that "hundreds" of people were outside London's Regent Street store on Friday morning. Even Stephen Fry was there, despite the fact that he already owns one.

Apple sold 1,000,000 iPads during the first 28 days of availability in the US, where shortages continue. If this reception is any indication of the iPad's performance in the international market, Apple's biggest problem might be simply keeping up.

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